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We give you a chance to draw from the wisdom of other innovators of color who have gone through the same challenges you face, and can give you real world experience.

Keep in mind that you can access videos streaming to any device anywhere in the world with no buffering since we use a global CDN in order to stream all of our content.

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“We want to create networks that not only connect people of color with people in power, but also to bring more power to the network itself.”
WIRED Magazine
“Brioxy is part life planning and design, part networking, mentorship and access to information. "Ultimately what we're trying to build is the insider guide to the world for young people of color," she told Motherboard. "How do we learn to hack and learn to access social capital?”
“It's about building intentional communities of young people of color who invest in the neighborhoods they grew up in. We want them to become the first in their family to own a home. We want them to launch a company or nonprofit in the neighborhood and hire people locally. To restitch the fabric of our communities.”
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